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EcoCore receives top plastics award for sustainability

Updated: Jan 5

At the beginning of October, Bockatech received the time honoured Horners Bottlemakers Award for the Zero Waste Cup™ made with EcoCore foamtech.

The Horners are believed to be the world's longest-running plastics award and are presented each year by the Worshipful Company of Horners and the British Plastics Federation.

The EcoCore reusable and recyclable cups were praised for showing how plastics innovation can provide more sustainable packaging solutions. And, overcome the environmental problems that single use paper cups, which are not widely recycled, create such as unnecessary green house gasses and ocean pollution.

Bockatech co-founder Peter Clarke collects the Bottlemaker's Award from Lord Mayor of London Peter Estlin

The famous award was presented to Bockatech co-founder Peter Clarke by the City of London Lord Mayor Peter Estlin at London Mansion House during the Horners Annual Banquet.

Talking about the significance of the award Herni Gaskjenn, Bockatech COO, said: "To receive recognition from leading third party experts in the plastics industry is an honour and provides further proof of how advanced and usable our technology is."

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