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New Bockatech research and development centre saves time and powers product innovation

Updated: Feb 28

Located in west Manchester, UK, the new facility includes laboratory space, a dedicated machine room, storage and easy access to ultra-high precision mould-making by Micro Systems.
Bockatech laboratory within the new research and development centre

Talking about the importance of the move, Chris Bocking, founder and chief strategy officer at Bockatech, says: “With more and more interest in prototypes and multi-cavity tools, we require more space to grow.

"The North-West is home to much of the UK injection moulding industry, giving us easy access to the necessary facilities and skills.

"Being close to Micro Systems is also invaluable as it's helping us to develop tools faster, achieve the precision we need reliably and make more innovative products that often require complicated tooling shapes."

The new Bockatech research and development centre is within easy reach of precision injection moulding tool maker Micro Systems. With extensive experience in making ultra-high precision medical moulds, they provide support with mould tool design, state-of-the-art tool manufacturing, testing, and metrology.

An open EcoCore cup prototype tool made by Microsystems
An EcoCore® cup prototype tool made by Micro Systems

"We offer Bockatech easy access to single and multi-cavity mould making for tools with complex geometries and accuracies as high as 0.5 microns," says Geoff Payne, Operations Director at Micro Systems. , Operations Director at Micro Systems

"This is giving their design team more opportunities to quickly innovate and produce high-performance products that meet and even exceed their client's expectations.

"The high accuracy of our work also makes it simple for converters with production moulds to get off-the-shelf and made-to-order replacement parts without having to return tools for servicing, cutting downtimes considerably."

Kern ultra-high precision milling machine located at Micro Systems's UK centre
Micro Systems's versatile ultra-high precision machining is enabling more innovative high performance EcoCore products

The new Bockatech machine room is designed for food-safe packaging production so that tools can be proved before delivery and clients can get short production runs for market trials.


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