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Materials and joint development partner
For over 25 years, Borealis has been a leading provider of polyolefins, base chemicals, and fertilizers. In line with its mission to Keep Discovering, innovative solutions made possible by Borealis are driving the transformation to a more circular economy.
FSG Tool and Die
Tooling design and manufacture partner
Thanks to their highly skilled people, leading edge technology and innovation FSG Tool and Die provide world-class toolmaking to take projects from concept to component.
LCA Centre
Environmental impact assessment partner
The LCA Centre specialises in scientific studies of the environmental impact of packaging. Their independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach analyses the entire life-cycle of a pack, from the extraction of the raw materials until the end of the product’s life. They also help in writing environmental claims and provide advice on questions such as sustainability, legislation, materials, cost savings and eco-innovation.
In-mould labelling partner
Verstraete in mould labels has over 25 years of experience in offset-printing labels on polypropylene for injection moulding, blow moulding and thermoforming. In-depth understanding of materials, research and quality control has made Verstraete a world leader among IML label suppliers, producing over 50 million in mould labels every single day.

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