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Jokey and Bockatech cooperate on reusable food-service packaging range

Updated: May 2

World-leading rigid plastic packaging manufacturer chooses Bockatech EcoCore® plastic foamtech for new opportunities in more sustainable to-go food service packaging.

Jokey headquarters in Wipperfürth Germany
Headquartered in Wipperfürth Germany, Jokey has 2,300 employees and 15 plants in 12 countries around the world ©Jokey

Commenting on why Jokey chose to use Bockatech EcoCore Christof Kölschbach, CSO at Jokey, said: “With using the EcoCore Technology, we have chosen a process that fits well with our existing injection moulding machines.

"Besides that, the technology also works with the plastics we deploy for our mouldings.”

Optimised for use with polypropylene (PP), Bockatech EcoCore creates packaging with skin-foam-skin walls in seconds that reduce plastic. These reductions in material use and cycle time both cut costs and improve sustainability.

"We create more sustainable packaging using the Jokey Eco Concept and EcoCore helps us with every part of this from light weighting and recyclability to reuse and even more recycled as well as renewable plastic use," said Ramona Lob, Key Account Manager at Jokey.

"The new service packaging will cut environmental impact and give packaging suppliers as well as service providers what they need to take new reuse opportunities.

"Through the cooperation with Bockatech, Jokey follows the path recognising the ongoing legislation to reduce the amount of service packaging placed on the market to increase sustainable approaches.”

Talking about Jokey, and new opportunities for more sustainable packaging, Henri Gaskjenn, CEO at Bockatech, said: “The EU has already, and is continuing, to put in place legislation to reduce the amount of food-service packaging placed on the market and increase sustainability.

"Jokey has recognised that lightweight recyclable reusables are needed to help food-service providers meet new rules and has seized the opportunity to provide these.

"EcoCore creates reusables that give businesses more freedom to determine how reuse will best work for them.”

Initially, Jokey will produce several cup sizes that can be supplied with and without PP In-Mould Labels (IML) for full-colour branding. The first products will be available in Q2/2023, while planning has already started with the next product types launching in the future.



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