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World leaders choose to reuse with EcoCore Zero Waste Cups at COP26

Scottish Event Centre in Glasgow
COP26 is held at the Scottish Event Centre in Glasgow UK

World leaders and delegates at the COP26 world climate change conference in Glasgow are using free reusable and recyclable cups made using Bockatech EcoCore®.

The distinctive blue and white COP26 reusable Zero Waste Cups are being used in place of single-use cups by the Scottish Event Campus food-service provider Levy, part of Compass Group.

Current and former world leaders from Barack Obama to Joe Biden and Emanuel Macron have been pictured using the reusable EcoCore cups

The cups are made with Borealis polypropylene (PP) and also feature PP reusable lids — keeping the whole container solution mono material to improve recyclability.

After use, cups are returned via collection bins and washed, using a Winterhalter wash system, ready to be used again.

The reusables will save up to 250,000 single-use cups across two weeks of the conference.

Against popular single-use dual-wall lined PE and PLA compostable paper cups, reusables made with EcoCore have shown a 20 – 30% reduction in CO2 eq after just two uses. After 30 uses, the reduction in CO2 eq increases to 80 – 85%.

Using an EcoCore reusable only twice also halves the risk of containers polluting land and sea environments as litter. Using a cup thirty times reduces the risk by 1/30th.

Talking about the innovative reusables at the event, Henri Gaskjenn, CEO of Bockatech, said: "We're excited to see cups made with our Greentech being used by leaders from around the world.

“The considerable cost of many reusables limits how food-service brands can use them, EcoCore creates low-cost durable cups that gives the freedom to offer reusables in a way that works best for businesses and their customers.

“That includes giving them away as they are at COP26."

The 250ml and 430ml COP26 cups were produced by Miko Pac part of Paccor.

Although the event cups do not have branding, they can be supplied with PP In Mould Labels (IML) for full colour branding and to keep the solution mono material for easy recycling.



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