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EcoCore foamtech and Arburg IMM show world-leading brands and converters the easy way to cut packaging costs and eco-impact

Updated: May 2

Installed at the Bockatech UK R&D Centre, the ARBURG injection moulding machine (IMM) is used in combination with Borealis Daploy™ polypropylene (PP) to produce a wide range of prototype EcoCore® packaging for world-leading brands — showcasing packaging cost and environmental impact reduction as well as ease of manufacture.

Operator standing at Arburg injection moulding machine
ARBURG IMM installed at the Bockatech R&D Centre

Talking about the importance of the collaboration with ARBURG, Henri Gaskjenn, CEO at Bockatech, says: "Having a dedicated R&D injection moulding machine is helping us to speed up the development of moulds significantly,

"The manufacturing cell with the IMM, a robot, and in-mould labelling also means that we can produce larger quantities of finished mouldings to demonstrate the process's capability and provide parts for consumer and filling line trials.

"Every day, we work with leading brands and converters who are understandably risk averse. Seeing how simple it is to use EcoCore moulds, with a popular machine from a leading provider like ARBURG, is giving them all the reassurance they need."

"We're always looking to support packaging manufacturing innovations that can significantly reduce environmental impact and cost as well as boost performance," says Manuel Wöhrle, Manager of Industries at ARBURG.

"The ALLROUNDER 520 A all-electric machine we've provided for Bockatech is ideal for EcoCore as it uses very little energy and might have the best product carbon footprint in the market.

"The machine also has a rich feature set that gives converters everything they need to work with foaming innovation, such as fast opening times, precision control, and easy integration with both chemical and physical gas sources."

Photo includes a large pail, bowl, hot cup, cold cup, cosmetic container, takeaway food container and aerosol cap
The ARBURG IMM is used to develop a wide range of packaging for world leading brands using Bockatech's EcoCore foaming technology



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