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Verstraete in mould labels and Bockatech announce new partnership at K2019

The new strategic alliance will make it ‘fast and easy’ for brands and converters to create innovative polypropylene foam wall packaging with in-mould labels that reduce cost, increase sales and improve sustainability.

As pressure to increase sustainability mounts, particularly in the food retail and service sectors, market demand for lightweight, reusable and easy to recycle solutions is growing.

Verstraete in mould labels and Bockatech have partnered to provide practical solutions to the problem of sustainability and meet this demand.

Together Verstraete in mould labels and Bockatech EcoCore® foamtech create packaging with impactful, high-resolution multicolour graphics, that is lightweight, durable, insulated and reusable as well as recyclable.

Extensive testing has already proven that Verstraete in mould labels range of polypropylene IML’s work successfully with EcoCore® polypropylene mouldings.

Left to right: Henri Gaskjenn (Bockatech COO), Nico Van de Walle (Verstraete IML Product and Circular Economy Manager), Chris Bocking (Bockatech CEO), Koen Verstraete (Verstraete IML Managing Director)

The new partnership will make it ‘fast and easy’ for brands and converters to develop their own packaging solutions.

Talking about the new partnership Koen Verstraete, Managing Director of Verstraete in mould labels, says: “We feel very excited that today we can announce what has been developed and successfully tested over the previous months. Together with Bockatech we are ready to develop a new market for IML packaging offering both sustainable and convenience advantages to brand owners and consumers all over the world.”

“Vertstraete in mould labels is a clear leader in the field of IML and shares our commitment to providing sustainable packaging solutions that will also reduce costs as well as increase sales,” says Chris Bocking, CEO and founder of Bockatech. “Their polypropylene IMLs are a perfect fit for our EcoCore® technology — allowing mouldings that feature high impact decoration, are mono material for easy recycling and can be washed for reuse.”

Visitors to K2019 who want to find out more about how Verstraete in mould labels and Bockatech EcoCore® foamtech will help them to reduce costs, improve sales and increase sustainability can see examples on the Verstraete in mould labels stand B37, hall 5.


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