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Durable EcoCore reusables feature in Environmental Scientist journal

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Food to-go packaging made with EcoCore featured in the Institute of Environmental Sciences journal in February.

The World Wakes up to Waste issue contained a collection of articles about the environmental impact of waste, as well as the circular economy, and a case study on the Shrewsbury Cup reuse scheme that uses cups made with Bockatech EcoCore.

The innovative cup scheme is run by a local Community Interest Company (CIC) and supported by Shrewsbury BID as well as Morris & Company.

It is successfully tackling the problems of waste in the environment and greenhouse gases caused by single-use paper cups. Currently there are just over 3,000 cups in circulation and it is estimated that the scheme is now saving around 500 single use cups per week.

To take part, customers simply pay a £1 deposit for their cup. They can return it to any of the twenty-plus food service providers that are part of the scheme in and around Shrewsbury.

The six-page case study for the journal, known for its 'sound science', references information from a new peer-reviewed environmental impact study carried out by The LCA Centre for Bockatech.

The soon to be released research found EcoCore cups to be the most sustainable overall and covered eighteen environmental impacts, popular single / multi-use containers as well as three different reuse systems.

Talking about the EcoCore cups used by the scheme, Martin Blacher, Director responsible for environmental impact assessment at Bockatech, said: "The containers need to be very hardwearing as they're reused many times.

"Tests carried out by Shrewsbury Cup showed they're suitable for over 1000 washes in a commercial dishwasher.

"We've demonstrated that EcoCore is great for very lightweight containers that'll have limited reuse. What Shrewsbury Cup shows is how versatile the technology is, creating very durable containers as well."



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