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About EcoCore®

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Bockatech EcoCore foam technology for injection moulding helps brands and converters create more sustainable thin wall and reusable packaging that is low cost and high performance.

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EcoCore features strong skin-foam-skin walls moulded in seconds

Key features and benefits

• Low cost

Up to 50% less plastic than solid mouldings, fast and easy to make.


• Insulation built-in

2x more thermal barrier, protecting fingers and keeping drinks hot or cold for longer.


• Food safe

Tried and trusted polypropylene.


• Strong and washable

5x stiffer than packaging of the same material and weight, dishwasher safe.


• More sustainable

Less plastic and widely recycled polypropylene #5 (PP).


• Many design options

Foamed, unfoamed and transparent areas as well as print and in mould label decoration

Typical applications include


Food-service reusables

• Hot and cold drink cups

• Bowls
• Clamshells

Thin wall packaging

• Caps and closures

• Noodle pots
• Pails

Get in contact with the team

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Chris Bocking — Founder and head of Strategy

+44 7957 491691

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Henri Gaskjenn — CEO

+33 7863 88772

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