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The Eco premium quality to-go cup for the valuable Quick Service Restaurant market

The problem

Currently more than 99% of the ‘to-go’ paper cups used by Quick Service Restaurants — such as coffee shops and fast food restaurants —  go to landfill. With global usage estimated at 40 billion cups per year, over one million cups end up in landfill every minute. 


Paper coffee cups need a wax or plastic lining (typically polyethylene) to hold liquids. This also prevents them from being processed with other paper products. It is possible to separate these two materials within the recycling process. However, despite considerable effort from the major coffee outlet chains, it is not economically viable at current collection volumes .


Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the other material widely used for 'to-go' cup. More than 96% of Styrofoam cups also become landfill. The reason for this is that it is not economically viable to collect cups that are 95% air.


Styrofoam is also damaging to the marine environment. Carried through drains to the sea, it breaks down into small indigestible pellets that birds and marine mammals often fatally mistake for food. So far more than 90 US cities have banned Styrofoam cups.


Consumers using ‘to-go’ coffee cups are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the waste generated from their cups. The Quick Service Restaurants are under considerable pressure to demonstrate their corporate responsibility and provide a solution — or face a backlash from increasingly concerned customers.

The solution

CORRETTO™ is both reusable and recyclable — overcoming the pressing environmental problems created by existing cup designs as well as those that have been recently launched.


The unique EcoCore™ foam walls cut the manufacturing cost and make the unit price comparable to that of environmentally friendly alternatives. Corretto is also a premium quality cup — providing both consumers and manufacturers with significant benefits:

Eco friendly

Recyclable, reusable and low energy to reduce environmental impact

Safe & warm for longer

Foam insulation keeps the heat in and stops scalding 

Great look and feel

EcoCore™ foamcore walls create a light but super rigid cup with smooth faces that can be coloured and branded

Fewer spills

A flawless 'no seam' lip makes a perfect seal and cuts the risk of lid leaks. The super rigid cup walls mean that the lid is more likely to stay on if the cup's knocked over or squeezed.

Low risk & investment

Manufactured using tried and trusted injection moulding processes and food grade

Polypropylene (PP#5) materials 

Ready to go

Proven design ready for  mass manufacture

Low cost

Minimum material and manufacture costs make the price comparable to alternatives

Exclusive design

Correto's EcoCore™ foamcore walls are protected by a worldwide patent — offering  potential for exclusivity

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