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Powering sustainable packaging innovation

EcoCore Reusable Cup and Lightweight Noo
EcoCore Reusable Cup and Lightweight Noo

EcoCore creates injection moulded packaging and products that cut cost and environmental impact whilst improving both customer experiences and sales.


Packaging and products made with EcoCore use a combination of innovations — in materials, processes as well as moulding design — and are lightweight, insulated, strong and durable.

EcoCore mouldings feature skin-foam-skin walls formed almost instantly. Cycle times for these are similar to those made from solid plastic — up to 80% less than other foamed products. 

The innovative EcoCore manufacturing solution uses tried and trusted polypropylene plastics, as well as injection moulding processes, in new ways — making safe and reliable mouldings with a minimum of investment in new equipment.


EcoCore is powering sustainable packaging and product innovation for converters and brands across all major sectors, including food service, FMCG, industrial and healthcare.


To find out how EcoCore will create opportunities for you, get in touch.

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